Pray For Sound - Dreamer

"The best instrumental metal band you'll hear all year." MetalSucks

"Dreamer is an album that will remain with you even when it’s finished thanks to its long-lasting effect."  Echoes & Dust

"Dreamer takes flight and provides an amazing ride, leaving your state of mind to determine each listen."
Rock On Philly

"Dreamer has grown to become a record that greatly satisfies me as a music fan. It has given me something that a lot of other bands couldn’t: the ability for me to flip the metaphorical record and give it another spin."
Arctic Drones

"The thing that’s great about Dreamer is that it nicely transcends genre classification. Listeners that enjoy metal, indie-alternative, post rock and ambience will all find comfort listening to Dreamer."
  – Lithium Magazine

East of the Wall - Redaction Artifacts

"One could make comparisons to sludge proggers like Baroness, Mastodon, and The Ocean, but in that same breath one would have to reference so many other acts that East of the Wall's spirit can be compared to. The band's ability to turn genres on a dime is akin only to Between The Buried and Me and Dream Theater. Math-rock bands like TTNG, Ghosts and Vodka, and any thing Omar Rodriguez-Lopez has a hand in come to mind due to the wonderfully awkward guitar work. Parts of this album even remind me of fucking Radiohead. This record is all over the place and I love it for that." Metal Injection

"East of the Wall have crafted yet another outstanding release that truly highlights the benefits of virtuosic musicianship and creative songwriting. To put it in simple terms, it’s just damn good." 9/10 American Aftermath

“Redaction Artifacts is a thoughtful, ear-candy-laced labyrinth with a lot to explore and absorb. This is dense, challenging music, and as impressive as East of the Wall’s releases have been thus far, Redaction Artifacts is certainly their finest album yet.” – No Clean Singing

“East Of The Wall is the intersection of Mastodon earthiness and any-prog-band complexity. Redaction Affairs puts a tighter focus on the former, giving you those lost-in-the-wilderness feels and a sense of disconnect from melody and chord.” No Clean Singing

“…a stunner, a record that surpasses even the great strides of 2011′s The Apologist… working in elements of art rock and prog and hardcore for a final product that dazzles.” – eMusic

Set and Setting - Equanimity

"Their debut full-length LP, Equanimity, is a swirling mix of droning, ambient guitars with a just a pinch of metallic aggression." 8/10 – Exclaim!

"Warmth and delicacy permeate the production values of “Equanimity.” In fact it’s almost sort of intimidating. Nothing is fragile, but everything is very delicate of spirit, like a special memory from a long time ago."– Post Rock Star

"Like its boundary-pushing U.S. metal contemporaries (including tourmates Inter Arma), set and setting proves omnivorous on their latest release, Equanimity, steeping it equally in sludgy stoner rock, the tremolo picked guitar lines of classic Black Metal, and the patient, distant squalls of more traditional strains of post-rock." – Creative Loafing

"While a good chunk of the Temporary Residence Limited roster mines these same peaks and valleys, Set and Setting’s debut LP, Equanimity, proves there’s still gold to be found out in those hills."  – Decibel

If These Trees Could Talk - Red Forest

"In the same vein as Scale the Summit, Junius, and This Will Destroy You, Red Forest is a lush, epic tongue bath of an album, the aural equivalent of a long mediation session in which new levels of consciousness are attained. We love it — and we’re confident you will, too."  – MetalSucks

"From start to finish, there is a lovely blend of post-metal, post-rock, ambient acoustic/clean channel guitars and smooth bass grooves that work together to form these amazing works of art. The styles are very familiar to other bands if you’ve been listening to this kind of music for sometime. ITTCT have a rhythmic sense about them and their powerful grooves and riffs are similar to something Junius and Russian Circles have done." 4.5/5 – Headbang or Get The Fuck Out

"Red Forest, is the follow up to their magnum opus (in my opinion) Above the Earth, Below the Sky. And just like its predecessor, Red Forest is full of cinematic musical motifs and a grand triumphant sound." 8/10 American Aftermath

"If These Trees Could Talk have written another album of beautiful soundscapes and gorgeous crescendos. The ebb and flow of Red Forest is like going on a journey, and as cheesy as it sounds, this is a whimsical record that is sure to advance the accessibility of post-rock and instrumental music." 4/5 Heavy Blog Is Heavy

Constants - If Tomorrow The War

"The sheer size of the overall sound on the record is surprising considering the fact that the band is a three-piece..."  4/5  – Heavy Blog Is Heavy"The whole album is a heavy step forward for the band, still firmly rooted in the post-hardcore realm, but now with aggressively catchy singles that trade fragility for a little discord."  Exclaim!